Increase the hotel profit

RMS module

Automate the sales policy

We offer the best rates

Upload to your system

Improve a hotel rating

Reputation module

All reviews in one place

See growth points

Пердложим решения

We will provide convenient reports

Reports module

All reports in one place

We show working channels

We show the rate of sales in the market

Your time is our concern

Reduce up to 90% of working time for analysis preparation, entering rates into systems, increase hotel occupancy and profit.

We automate the work of fine-tuning your rates policy in such a way that your profit and average check will grow, with a possible reduction in costs while maintaining income. We will give recommendations on how to fix problems. We will provide convenient reports.

Rates automation.
Hotel quality control.
Will upload all the data.
Will follow the dynamics.


work with us

9.7 mn.

earned more


improve rating

1 mn.+

reviews daily

1 mn.+

prices daily



How much more can you earn with us?

How much more can you earn with us?


Revenue per available room


Average daily room rate





Revenue per available room


Average daily room rate





Get a demo


Get a demo

How it works

Uploading your data for analysis Collect all reviews from the Internet Loading data the prices of your competitors Check out all upcoming events Define all weekends and holidays We analyze the data, issue the best Hotel rate Uploading rates to all systems

Revenue Management System

Sales policy

We create a sales and restrictions policy for each hotel

We take into account: weekdays and weekends, seasonality, package sales, competitors, weather forecast, returnability, advertising costs, events and proximity to the center or attractions

Rate Shopper

We collect a competitive price environment from different sources

We match with your hotel, apply the sales policy

Creating the ability to apply dynamic pricing

We update rates daily in line with sales

We offer a tariff scale for a year

Artificial Intelligence

Collecting data from all over the internet

Processing: competitor rates, cultural proximity, events near your hotel

We take into account many factors affecting the tariff


Information collection

We collect reviews from all over the Internet

Highlight all the pros and cons

Quality Control System

A tool for tracking growth points in dynamics

We make suggestions on growth points

We issue an analysis by growth points


Making a selection based on reviews

We offer a response to the review, upload it to the system

We will provide a widget to your site with a cumulative rating and a transition to your guests

Artificial Intelligence

Collecting data from all over the internet

We process each feedback

Building data for dynamic analysis


Show which sales channel is the best

We will provide reports on the current situation and forecast

Show how your competitors work

Offer solutions

Channel manager

Upload data

Upload to all sales systems

Upload to your hotel management system

Loading data from your system

Loading data

Upload your data for analysis

Choose the best rate for you

Enter the number of rooms up to:
Revenue Management System Package
based on your data
+competitive environment
Reputation package
collection and reply to reviews
+competitive environment
+recommendations, analytics
Total per month:  
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